The Crooked Fence Farm Derby or do I hear Circus music?

Today is the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby. Today, it turns out was the running of the Brooked Fence Farm derby as well.

Let me explain.

We have a strict meal schedule that must be adhered to in order to control the chaos. The normal schedule is Hammy wakes up at 5 am or sunrise. he starts throwing the dining room chairs over if we don’t get up soon enough to tend him. Pig gets his breakfast by 5:30. While pig eats, dogs go outside. when Ham’s done, he goes out and the dogs get breakfast. Pig wanders the yards eating yummy grass until he feels the dogs have had enough time to eat and now he gets to check their bowls for leavings. Once we pet parents get some outside clothes on, the outside feeding begin. Hammy is walked to his Piggy yard, his treat ball is filled. Then we head to the coop. The ducks are released first and fed. They get about 5 minutes to start eating their feed. then the chickens are released. they head to the duck feed to snack before noshing on their own food. Meanwhile, Hammy is oinking at their fence waiting for the half scoop chicken feed tossed to him. This is a normal morning.

Today, went completely upside down. Cue the circus music..

Pig slept in and started his feed me antics at 6am. He ate quick as Hubby was in bathroom. So when the dogs were let out, pig went too. Not cool, pig thought that meant free time and headed straight for the chicken coop. he slammed the door open and refused to leave the coop area. I tricked him out with a bit of chicken feed and tried to close the coop door. I release the ducks but as soon as pig heard the feed bin open, he was pushing his way back inside. I didn’t see this part as I was releasing the chickens to feed them as well. I turn around the building corner and Pig is eating the duck feed as fast as he can! I try to push Pig out the door again and all the chickens run out of the coop run. Grrr! I herd Pig to his piggy yard and as I latch him in I hear the Fox trap go off. Holy crap! Luna is in the trap eating the bait in the have-a-heart fox trap. Savannah takes off after a squirrel into the neighbors yard which scatters the chicken flock.

I swear I heard circus music the moment I walked downstairs after an extra hour of sleep this morning. The chaos was controlled with snacks but the flock was not corralled until bedtime and then they were all nested in Pig’s house as they were locked out of the coop run because the ducks are jerks. Everyone is accounted for and sleepy.

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