The characters of Crooked Fence Farm

The garage invasion. Are you Flocking Kidding?

Queen on her throne

Pig! In a rare quiet moment

Fluffy butts

Officially Luna. Rules the roost. From the couch. And will eat u through the window…

The Crew. The ones who unofficially rule the roost. Each one has a part to play in my (in)sanity.

Savannah is the one we have had the longest. When we rescued her, we were told she is a highly energetic breed (a catahoula hound). Energetic, my a$$!! She prefers the couch and sometimes needs to be bribed with tasty treats to go outside. I have yet to meet a lazier dog!

Luna. Luna is the rescue we got for Savannah as she deeply mourned our 1st dog’s death from cancer. Luna is a lunatic. The energy lacking in Savannah is in Luna. Luna also believes the entire yard needs protection. Protection from birds, squirrels, joggers, mailman and UPS man and falling leaves. She has done a great job with chickens and chased out rats I didn’t know moved into the coop this winter and dispatched a fox that had slaughtered half my flock in 2 days. She loves to play with the chickens by running then over. (Not sure the chickens feel the same way tho). Faithful and protective. That’s my Luna(tic)

Hammy. That what Hubby calls him. I just call him PIG! Pig headed and eats like a pig are not a misnomer. PIG is the animal Hubby wanted to put dogs in their place as pigs are smarter… Yep PIG is smarter. He knows how to open doors, open kitchen cabinets, jump up to get things off tables and flip chairs to get things off the seat. But he does love his snuggles and will climb on couch to sit with me as I read or study. Oh and he smells like maple syrup. Go ahead Google it. He really does.

The fluffy butts. The chickens. They are the reason we bought a house in the first place. Thought they would eat the bugs on garden plants and ticks that find the dogs delicious. Nope. They ate the garden to the ground. They do provide delicious breakfast. The girls do not have individual names. The black ones all look alike so are called Pepper. The white one is Salt. The blue-greys are named Blue n Smoke. Not like they know their names. They do know me. And they love hugs. Squat down n open your arms, they come running to be picked up and hugged. Hubby sez I’m nuts. But they are my girls. N he likes breakfast eggs.

Quad Squad. The ducks. They are Welsh Harlequins. Hubby’s 17 yr old son asked for ducklings for his birthday. So else do u get an almost adult? Ducklings of course. Ducks love messes. Oh boy and do they ever make them. And it usually involves mud. These little guys are only 8 weeks old and have a lot more growing up to do. Oh n they are already bigger than the chickens they are housed with. Did I say they are mud loving mess makers?

This is the menagerie. Lock, stock and barrel. The one that make Crooked Fence Farm a looney bin as well as a place to escape the insanity. I wouldn’t trade in any of them.


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