Can’t we just all get along?!

Families should act like they like each other, right? Even if they just pretend. My mismatched family is a mix of love-hate relationships.

I’ll admit, not a lot of forethought went into our animal acquisition.

Savannah is the one in the family the longest. She is a catahoula whitch is a boar hunting dog. See where I’m going with this….

Luna is part Australian Shepard and part Akita. Herding animals is a natural instinct and devoted protection and hunter is the Akita. Again, can you see the potential problems here?

Hamilton, aka Pig, is a natural prey animal and can be very skittish.

Chickens…well, they are chicken. And the quad squad (ducks) are still babies and even more chicken than the chickens.

House and yard are in unseen territories. The dogs have the dog yard. The chickens and ducks have the coop and run (unless free-ranging). Hammy has a pig yard and pig house.

The problem comes when they are all together…

Savannah has no tolerance for Pig. Luna tolerates Pig only on her terms. Luna also is a split personality when it comes to the chickens. She wants to play or herd or just mow them over in a mad dash across the yard. This usually results in loud squawking and the chicken getting run over by 4 furry feet in a feathered ball. Luna trots away with a big smile on her face as the feather ball voices her displeasure of being a dog toy before resuming eating the grass. Even the queen of the coop, Salt (or as hubby calls her-the white b!t@h) has no tolerance of the quad squad.

Last night was a treat! I got home early from work so let Hammy, chickens and ducks out of their runs and yards to free range as the sun set. They actually hung out all together! What a treat! It was chicken TV with a guest appearance by ducks and Pig.

Dogs not invited as this would never have happened. Baby steps.

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