Houston, we have a problem!

I mentioned a bit ago the process we have to feed the critters. In stages. With someone outside (pig).


The gate to the front yard was left open after moving cars to the garage the previous night. Hammy was put outside so the dogs could be fed breakfast. Pig didn’t give his usual grunt when I called him to come back in after doggy breakfast and I found the gate to the front yard open. Yikes! I put my crocs on and wrap my ratty bathrobe tighter and walk to yard to see Pig. I don’t see in in my neighbors delicious clover patch. Nor do I see in in my other neighbor’s sweet and neatly manicured side lawn. Uh oh. I holler PIG! And I hear his acknowledgement grunt…from across the street! We live on a busy high speed road (read that as posted speed limit is 40mph but people drive 60mph often). Pig trots his happy butt across the road while an approaching car slows down to see what and where he goes.

Yikes! So not cool that he has learned to do this.

Dammit. Now Pig can’t go out until we make sure the gates are closed. A$$hole. More evening work! The grass is NOT greener on the other side of the fence…

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