Smooth sailing…

But anticipating the other shoe to drop. Good weekend! Everyone cooperated. No one got in trouble. Some surprises as well!

1st surprise came Saturday. There are 6 chickens. A chickens egg production cycle is usually 22 to 26 hours. Meaning that how often they. CAN lay an egg. The usually daily gathering is 4. Saturday , we collect 8! When we put those girls to bed n lock me up tight for the night, we collect any later laid eggs. 8 brown, taupe, and tan butt nuggets were waiting for us the next afternoon!

How did that happen? The ducks are too young yet to play. So it can’t be them. We are just gonna enjoy the fruits of their labors!

Must have pooped them out, only got 2 on Sunday.

Surprise #2 was the ducks put themselves in the coop run!

All the fowl get observed free range time in the evenings. Time to eat the grass grubs and ticks off the bushes (Win-win!) Observed free range time as I’m not sure those ducks would find their way home and Igor the hawk has been hanging out on top of the pine trees in the yard lately. Human presence seems to deter Igor from swooping down into my yard. Hubby n I were enjoying wine at the tiki bar around sunset and noticed the ducks all moving without stopping toward the coop.

Whoa do you see that? Maybe they are putting themselves to bed!

Sure enough, they put themselves in the coop run. Chickens put themselves to bed inside the coop, softly clucking waiting for the humans to lock them away. The ducks have to be captured to be secured in their coop. But getting them in the run is the hardest part. One step closer to learning to sleep in a coop!

Baby steps! And very pleasant suprises!

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