And just like that, summer is half over.

Seems like yesterday we were waiting for the warm days and nights. Last week, we experienced a sweltering heat wave which forced extra measures to protect our critters. Baby pools refilled multiple times daily from the wells that water temperature is very cold. The ducks were happy. The chickens walked around panting and with their wings up to cool the undercarriage. Pig keep dunking in the duck pool as he semi crushed his own. And he preferred to be outside not inside with the air conditioning. The dogs had to be on lockdown as there was a baby bunny explosion this year and the dogs want to eat them. (Speaking of dogs wanting to eat trespassers, they got a ground hog, a vole, a bunny so far).

The chickens are broody and currently sitting on a clutch of fertilized eggs due to hatch any day. If they all hatch, I will triple the size of my flock! It has been pretty cool to candle them and see them develop inside the shells.

Pig became a Houdini. He has always been a curious critter and pushes limits. He has broken out of his piggy pen a few times this summer to graze on the neighbor’s grass. Guess the grass is tastier there?

I’ll keep you up on the hatching! Talk soon!

I heard u have snacks! Want some!

Taco carnitas?